69 Best Free Ping Submission Sites List For Indexing In Minutes 2022

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Top Ping Submission Sites (Updated)

Why ping submission websites?

Your site will be notified by ping submission sites, which alert google and any other major search engines to your site or to any new posts on your website.

Google indexes any site that is “pinged” by Google when it notices your site.

69 Best Free Ping Submission Sites List For Indexing In Minutes 2022

These ping submission websites are great for those who have difficulty getting their site or posts indexed by Google.

You can get more than 100 ping submission websites list 2019 for free and use it to ping you site, posts and backlinks.

What is pinging?

Pinging refers to the process of submitting your blog or site to search engines and web directories using pinging tools.

The pinging tool is popular for quickly indexing your blog or site to major search engines.

These tools will provide an automatic backlink which can help increase your site’s ranking in organic search results.

These ping submission sites are very popular and can help your blog, posts, and backlinks get indexed faster by search engines (Google Yahoo, Bing, etc).

60 percent of link building attempts fail because Search Engines don’t index them.

Ping submission sites are a great way to help.

Ping Submission sites are a great way to add value to your link-building strategy and allow them to be indexed by many Search Engines, Website Directory, News Websites and Content Aggregators.

You can also build high-quality backlinks using search engine submission sites, directory submission site list, social bookmarking websites list, profile creation sites.

How do I use ping submission websites?

You can index your web content more conventionally using ping submission websites that have a high Page rank and domain authority.

This is possible via hundreds of Search Engines.

These are the steps you need to make ping submission sites more efficient.

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Simply choose the ping submission website from the list below.

To get your website or blog indexed by search engines, type the URL.

Click on the Save button to submit the ping.

Within a matter of seconds, you will receive a confirmation message.

That’s all.

There is no need to sign up.

A single click is enough to have your blog/ website or backlinks crawled by search engines.

What are pinging and ping submission websites?

Pinging allows you to index your website, post, backlinks to search engines and web directories.

These sites help with pinging.

You just need to submit your URL here to the pinging websites you want to be indexed.

It will be indexed quickly in search engines, web directories and news websites.

This post contains a list of free ping submission websites.

These ping submission websites list are free and will quickly get your URLs indexed.

This will increase your organic traffic.

How do I use ping submission websites?

It’s very simple and straightforward.

It is not rocket science to use ping submission websites to index your URLs.

Next, you will need to open each site one at a time.

After entering the URL, click the submit button to send your site to search engines.

It’s as easy as that.

For pinging submission sites, there is an easy 4-step process.

To find ping submission sites, first use the “Free Ping Submission Sites List 2022”.

In the input box, you will need to enter your URL to be indexed by search engines.

Sometimes, you will need to add site title.

You don’t need to log in to the ping submission websites or register.

You can now ping your new website, post, or any newly created backlink that is not yet indexed.

It is also completely free.

Once your site is indexed, you will begin to get organic traffic from search engines.

These are the 4 steps that you need to follow to ping any URL on any ping submission site.

This means that more than 60% of your efforts in link building are wasted.

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According to statistics, 60% of backlinks never get indexed by search engines.

It says more than 60 percent.

Benefits of free submission sites

You should also consider pinging if you are looking to save 60% on your link building efforts.

Pinging sites can be very useful in many situations.

These 69+ free ping submission sites 2022 offer additional benefits.

Indexing your site quickly, including new posts and backlinks from search engines and directories.

Increase Search Engine Ranking Page (SERP) through faster indexing

Due to the increase in SERP Rankings, search engines have a great visibility.

Higher SERP results result in an increase in organic traffic to search engines

These are just a few of the many benefits you get from using the free ping submission websites list.

Pinging sites offer many other benefits.

The best part? Most pinging sites are completely free.

What are Ping Submission Sites?

Users can submit their website, blog post, backlinks, to major search engines, news sites, and web directory sites using Pings submission websites by simply entering their URLs and keywords.

These Ping Submission sites can speed up indexing of your website and index your backlinks, blog posts and website in no time.

How Pinging can help you in your linkbuilding strategies

It’s common for most people.

Many people are only interested in creating backlinks for their link building campaigns.

This means that more than 60% backlinks do not get indexed by Google.

They just give up indexing to Google and any other search engine.

This is something I do not want to happen.

This is why I suggest you use the free ping submission websites list.

What are the benefits of free submission sites?

Because of the extraordinary results listed below, ping submission sites are most beneficial.

You can submit your website, blog and backlinks through ping submission websites.

These websites notify search engines about new content and backlinks.

These sites are extremely helpful in improving your SEO and ranking on the SERPs.

These sites are completely free and easier to use than other off-page SEO techniques like link submission, bookmarking, and directory submission.

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High quality, converting traffic will be attracted to your blog or website.

This will allow you to have the best online presence for your new business.

Top List of ping submission sites In 2022

Ping Site Address DA PA Spam Score
http://addurl.nu/ 1 1 7%
http://allpodcasts.com 1 1
http://api.feedster.com/ping 12 24 50%
http://api.moreover.com/ping 14 24 15%
http://auto-ping.com/ 18 35 2%
http://autopinger.com 18 37 44%
http://backlinkping.com 20 38 47%
http://bitacoras.com/ 21 39 21%
http://blo.gs/ping.php 23 40 9%
http://blogbuzzer.com 24 41 6%
http://blogdigger.com 24 42
http://blogg.de 25 42
http://blogmatcher.com 25 43
http://blogpingtool.com 25 43 11%
http://blogs.yandex.ru 26 43 1%
http://blogsearch.google.com 26 44
http://blogshares.comrpc.php 28 44 3%
http://blogsnow.com 29 44
http://brainbliss.com 29 45 43%
http://bulkfeeds.net/rpc 29 45 74%
http://bulkping.com 30 46 43%
http://coreblog.org 30 46 8%
http://feedburner.com 34 46
http://feedshark.brainbliss.com 34 46
http://feedster.com 35 46
http://feedsubmitter.com 35 46
http://geourl.org/ping 35 46 1%
http://googleping.com 35 46 37%
http://icerocket.com 36 46 1%
http://indexkings.com 37 47 1%
http://ipings.com 39 48 3%
http://moreover.com 39 49 47%
http://mypagerank.net 42 49 2%
http://nimtools.comonline-ping-website-tool 42 50 44%
http://ping.amagle.com 42 50 17%
http://ping.bitacoras.com 43 50 19%
http://ping.blo.gs 43 50 21%
http://ping.feedburner.com 43 51 2%
http://ping.in 43 51
http://pingates.com 43 51 9%
http://pingbomb.com 43 51
http://pingerati.net 43 51 6%
http://pingfarm.com 43 51 11%
http://pinggator.com 43 52
http://pingler.com/ 44 52 77%
http://pingmyblog.com/ 50 53
http://pingmylinks.com 50 53
http://pingmyurl.com 50 53 74%
http://pingoat.net 50 53
http://pingomatic.com/ 51 54 43%
http://pingsitemap.com 55 54
http://rpc.weblogs.com 55 54 50%
http://syncr.com 56 55 1%
http://totalping.com 56 55
http://twingly.com/ping 59 56 3%
http://weblogalot.com 60 56
http://weblogues.com 62 56 8%
http://www.allpodcasts.com/ 64 56 8%
http://www.autopinger.com/ 64 58
http://www.backlinkping.com 70 58
http://www.blogpingtool.com 70 58
http://www.blogsearch.google.com/ping 70 60 37%
http://www.blogshares.com/rpc.php 70 62 16%
http://www.blogsnow.com/ping 74 62 21%
http://www.bulkping.com/ 74 62 1%
http://www.pingerati.net 75 62
http://www.weblogs.com/ 75 65
http://xmlrpc.blogg.de 95 70 3%
https://www.pingmylinks.com 95 70
Last Words:
You must therefore prefer them as your primary SEO tactic after you realize the benefits of ping submission sites.

You simply need to use simple information on your websites such as their name, URL, link to RSS feed, etc.

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With the use of ping entries, Google and various search engines can frequently index your connection within 24 hours.

No one can force Google Bots’ activity and nobody can give you the exact timing of indexing.

I hope that the articles on these Ping Submissions Sites help to improve your SEO ranking and organic circulation.

You will be free to share it with us if you have another free Ping submission list.

Also, in the comments box, don’t forget to mention your comment.

Please share it on Facebook and Twitter with your friends if you found the Free Ping Submission Sites List beneficial.

If you use alternative strategies fast indexed by your search engines to your blogs, websites and backlinks, please share your comments!

FaQ :
Does Ping submission help to index your Backlinks quickly ?

Yes, I can make sure that ping is one of the efficient seo techniques, which can be used to swiftly index your post, page and backlink.

Ping is an easy method for implementing your produced backlink and content on top of ping submissions.

These sites inform the search engine the backlink and post newly made.

So every time you add fresh blog posts to your site and produce backlinks, don’t forget to submit them on the sites that present ping.

I added a list of the top ping sites you may discover at the beginning of the post.

When I construct the backlink and publish a new post on my site I never forget to make a ping submit.

Can I earn the quality link from ping Submission?

No, Ping will never help you acquire a backlink to quality.

These sites are simply designed to share newly formed links and blog post information with the search engine.

So if you think you get the link through your ping application, you don’t think right.

However, the search engine can be told about this new link fairly easily.

You can pin your newly made material from above ping submission sites.

Hello, fellas, I assume you’ve checked all ping websites to crawl your blog article and link.

If you have any questions about the Pinging submittal, please feel free to contact me.

If you seem to have offered you quality information, please share and comment on this post.

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