5 things to avoid while charging your smartphone can harm you and battery

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In today’s fast life, smartphone has become a very special part of our life.

Due to the lockdown due to Corona epidemic, people’s use of smartphones has increased due to staying in their homes.

From mobile games to chatting with friends or relatives, mobile is always in use.

In such a situation, the battery of the phone also runs out quickly and you have to charge again and again.

5 things to avoid while charging your smartphone can harm you and battery Due to the addiction of using the phone more, many times we do not stop using the phone even by putting the fun in charge.

Apart from this, there are many other mistakes that we make during charging, which are harmful for the phone as well as for you.

Today we will tell you about many such mistakes, which you should ignore.

Charging the phone overnight:

Often we leave our phone in charging while sleeping at night, and the phone remains engaged in charging throughout the night.

You shouldn’t do this at all.

This has a bad effect on your battery, your battery can deteriorate quickly and due to overheating, the battery can also explode.

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That is why you should never leave your phone on charging for the whole night.

Put the phone on charging when the battery is 20%

It has been seen many times, we get so lost in a series or game that we continue to use the phone even if it is less than 20%, but it has a bad effect on the phone’s battery.

That is why as soon as the battery of the phone goes below 20%, you should immediately stop using the phone and put it to charge the phone.

Always use the original phone charger

Never charge your phone with any other charger or local charger.

This has a bad effect on the battery of your phone and the battery can deteriorate quickly.

So always charge your phone with the charger that comes with it.

phone cover

To keep the smartphone safe from external threats, we use covers.

But by charging with the cover on, the phone heats up quickly, and sometimes due to the cover, the charging pin does not fit properly and your phone charging time increases.

That’s why remove the cover while charging the phone.

style="text-align: left">Don’t fall for fast charging apps

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Many times, in order to charge the phone quickly, we download fast charging apps.

Actually, the apps keep running continuously in the background of the phone and consume more of your battery.

This drains the battery of your phone quickly.

That’s why you should not use these third party apps.

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