5 Reasons Why My Blog Is Not Showing Up in Google

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why isnt my blog

Why isn’t my blog site Google-friendly? I use to get endless questions from visitors about this question.

It’s really a tough question when the reason is very simple. You don’t have a Google page!

The answer is very simple, your blog isn’t optimized for Google. No, I’m not contradicting anything here. It’s just that you are not optimizing it with regards to getting good search engine rankings.

You have to optimize your blog for human readership. Let me explain why that is so important.

It’s been proven over again that people visit websites that are written and hosted by the people who wrote them. Does that mean that your blog will be just as well visited? Of course not.

If you want your traffic to keep coming in, you need to target them using targeted keywords.

Targeting your blog site visitors is done by optimizing your blog. That means you need to do keyword research to find out what keywords people are searching for.

Then you need to optimize your post for those keywords.

If you don’t target your post keywords, then you won’t see much traffic.

But you will get tons of traffic if you target your keyword phrases to your blog posts. If you write lots of unique articles, then you should be able to make your blog really stand out.

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Don’t over complicate things though. Keep things simple and straight forward.

Now that you know why your blog site isn’t targeting Google’s crawlers, you need to target them using SEO. SEO is Search Engine Optimization.

It is a set of techniques and tactics to help your website rank better in the search results.

This will increase the number of people who find your site and will ultimately increase the amount of traffic.

In order to get people from the search results, you need to have a high PR or Page Rank. The higher PR your blog site has, the more likely you will appear in the search results.

The higher PageRank you have, the more likely you will get visitors.

If you really want to know the answer to, “Why is my blog not Google friendly?” just think back to all of the times you have searched for a particular topic.

You probably saw at least one website that fits what you were looking for.

Those websites are most likely the ones that are truly blog friendly.


blogs provide quality content, useful tips, and other useful things for visitors to make the most out of their Google searches.

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However, even if you do not have a Google page ranking, you can still create a Google blog.

This will help you get in the top ten search results and increase the chances of people finding your blog.

This is one of the easiest ways to optimize your blog. It will make it easier for your readers to find the information they are looking for.

When someone is searching for a particular term, they may click on the first result they see and if your blog is listed within the first page of the search results, they will most likely click on your link to find your blog.

If you are an expert in a particular area, then you should consider including your blog URL within your site. This will allow people to visit your blog directly from your site.

Your links can lead to direct sales of products or services, or just bring more people to your site.

This is a great way to advertise your website and increase the amount of traffic.

Another reason your blog is not showing up in Google is that it does not have quality content. The higher the PR of a site, the higher it will show up in the search results.

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If your blog contains only a few articles, it is hard for people to find something they want to read.

Therefore, make sure that you have high quality content because this will help attract visitors to your site.

If you are trying to attract readers to sign up for your mailing list, then you should include a link to your list in your blog.

To do this, simply write a few sentences about what your blog has to offer and include a link. If you do this consistently, then your readers will find it easier to sign up for your list.

The last reason why your blog is not showing up in Google is that it is not optimized for Google. Optimizing your blog means increasing the search engine optimization (SEO) of your blog by following certain rules. For instance, avoid using technical terms.

Instead, write about what you know. In addition, try to update your blog on a regular basis so that it appears high in the search results.

By following these steps, you will be able to answer the question, “Why is my blog not showing up in Google?”

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